Johannes Heidecke

Graduate student of Artificial Intelligence Johannes Heidecke


Have a look at my blog about risks of AI and AI safety research: thinking wires

About Me:

I am a master degree student of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Barcelona and currently focused on exploring state of the art techniques of machine learning and AI. My main research interest is AI safety - how to ensure AI systems with steadily increasing capabilities to be compatible with humanity's values and interests. One of my current interests in this field is the robustness of AI systems.


Generative Adversarial Networks: Experimenting on the capabilities of using GANs to generate additional data for supervised learning with few available training instances. Report and Code on GitHub

Automated Planning: Implementation of the Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver (STRIPS). Code on GitHub

Bachelor Thesis: Anomaly Detection on Time Series Data for Predictive Maintenance. Using the restoration error of neural autoencoders to detect deviations from normal behavior of industrial time series data. Available upon request.

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